Dr Schrammek Facials

Herbal Maintenance

Dr Schrammek’s facials were designed to tackle diverse skin conditions.

This facial was created to clear impurities, reduce inflammation and oiliness whilst maintaining the skin’s moisture content and normalising the skin’s natural barrier function.

This facial was formulated for sensitive skin, it can help to alleviate symptoms of sensitivity such as dryness, light flaking, redness and itching.

This treatment promotes rejuvenation and gives a mini-lifting and firming effect. It is ideal for skin which is showing signs of reduced elasticity and ageing.

This facial was created to moisturise dry skin by reducing the impacts of environmental factors such as the weather, heating and AC. Whilst also increasing the skin’s ability to retain hydration.

The treatment was designed to wake up your skin. It works to alleviate pale, tired looking skin by encouraging regeneration.

Power Neck Lifting
This treatment was designed to improve the quality of your skin on your neck and decolletage area through firming and brightening the skin.

Beauty Elements
This treatment was designed to balance the effects of free-radicals by calming your skin down, enhancing your natural radiance and giving you a healthy glow through detoxing and gently exfoliating.

After your consultation, your VSP therapist will be able to recommend the best treatment for you.

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