VSP Signature Facial

Tailored to you.

This is a VSP signature treatment. After a skin assessment, we carry out a facial based on what we feel your skin is asking for, using the various tools and products that we have.

Each time you get a signature facial, you may receive a different treatment, depending on the needs of your skin on the day.

This is a fantastic treatment on its own, but you may choose to include the following add-ons to enhance your clinic experience.

Signature Facial Ad-ons

  • Neck and Shoulder Massage – Add an element of relaxation to your facial with a neck and shoulder massage.
  • Decolletage and Neck Lift – A treatment designed to improve the quality of your skin in your neck and decolletage area through stimulating the skin and encouraging the production of collagen.
  • LED Facial –  LED lights are clinically proven to boost collagen, which has anti-ageing effects. It also is used to treat acne and scarring.

Gift vouchers for this treatment are available to collect in-store, or to be posted to you.

You and Your Skin Deserve This

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